• Alphon Kettlegrand

    Alphon Kettlegrand

    One of six craftsmen who operate the forges of the New Smithy of Hommlet, Alphon is held to be chief among his fellows. He is prominent among the new wave of immigrants who have settled in the area.
  • Aristocles of Niole Dra

    Aristocles of Niole Dra

    An aged wizard of Keoland, lately relocated to Verbobonc on some sort of sabbatical. He appears to be eager to establish links with the viscount in order to assist in the strengthening of his rule.
  • Arton of Cyre

    Arton of Cyre

    A sergeant man-at-arms in service to Sir Cyneric, Lord Chamberlain of Verbobonc, this stolid and stalwart warrior was assigned to the Band of the Silver Spear as an observer in their struggles against the bandits of the verge.
  • Burne


    As co-lord of Hommlet and master of Doomwatch Keep, this wizard has the unenviable task of watching over the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil. He is considered one of the most powerful magi in the viscounty.
  • Calmert of Saint Cuthbert

    Calmert of Saint Cuthbert

    The long-standing under-priest of the Cudgeller in his native Hommlet, this portly fellow ran an orphanage in Verbobonc years ago. He has long served as a brotherly mentor to Oscar Scarlord.
  • Cedris Tumercan

    Cedris Tumercan

    A skilled wizard, Cedris nonetheless seems happier serving as the innkeeper of the Gilded Acorn, a fine establishment in the village of Corustaith, deep in the Gnarley Forest.
  • Chatrilon Unosh

    Chatrilon Unosh

    An adventurer who seems to have washed up in Hommlet for a while, this rogue is looking to join bands of adventurers interesting in exploring the ruined Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • Chenashi


    A brutal, psychotic cultist of Elemental Evil, this cruel priestess attempted to use the captured henchman of the Band of the Silver Spear against the party. Denied, she instead opted to kill the prisoners, and was slain by Xaod and Ruprect in turn.
  • Corbin Deleveu

    Corbin Deleveu

    Variously known as the "Wild Count" of Ostverk, Hrōvacán of Delevael, and as a Knight-Captain of the Mounted Borderers, this stalwart ranger is famed throughout the viscounty and beyond.
  • Cyneric Cyre

    Cyneric Cyre

    His most honourable sir, Cyneric, the third baronet of C yre, Lord Chamberlain of Verbobonc, has emerged as something of a patron for the Band of the Silver Spear. He has charged them with discovering more of the resurgence of the Cult of Elemental Evil.
  • Delian Thornbush

    Delian Thornbush

    A shepherd and trapper who roams the lightly forested hills and plains between Hommlet and the Gnarley Forest, ol' Del is the last friendly face anyone is likely to see before seeking out the dangers of the verge.
  • Derim of Saint Cuthbert

    Derim of Saint Cuthbert

    A young priest of the Cudgeller, ready to advance to the next ranks of the Order of the Billet. He is a technical subordinate, as well as briefly the student, of Oscar Scarlord.
  • Drenton Vaswell

    Drenton Vaswell

    His most honourable sir, Drenton, the third Baronet of Vaswell, is a roguish aristocrat known for his air of affected pomposity. He owns prosperous lands in the north of the Viscounty of Verbobonc.
  • Dresha the Herbalist

    Dresha the Herbalist

    The local herbalist and healer of Corustaith, this old druid is averse to danger, busying herself instead by tending to the local people, the animals, and the health of the trees. She is font of local knowledge and practical wisdom.
  • Duell of the Gnarley

    Duell of the Gnarley

    A humble furrier and forester, this woodsman is something of a leader among the homesteaders who dwell in his part of the Gnarley Forest. He is a Druid of the First Circle of the Old Faith.
  • Eleel Moonstone

    Eleel Moonstone

    A valiant warrior and wizard of the Fae Kingdom of Celene, this grey elf is exiled from his homeland. In service to the Knights of Luna, he dwells in the court of the Principality of Ulek.
  • Elinor Asbury

    Elinor Asbury

    A young noblewoman, beautiful and eligible, who works to return her land and its people to prosperity. She is a patron of sorts to our heroes.
  • Elkhorn


    A dwarf of renown and hero of the League of Right, this veteran warrior and adventurer was also a sometime ally of the powerful mage Ringlerun. He now dwells in the Principality of Ulek.
  • Elmo Renton

    Elmo Renton

    As captain of Hommlet's militia, this formidable ranger is in charge of organising the defence of his neighbours. In his youth he was overfond of ale, but age appears to have tempered his thirst.
  • Festrath


    A late priest of Evil Elemental Water, quite insane, who was encountered and slain within an ancient temple beneath the ruined Moathouse.
  • Figgen of Fairwain

    Figgen of Fairwain

    One of the newly established order known as the Knight-Protectors of Furyondy, this famed halfling warrior was once the companion of the great mage Ringlerun. He now serves King Belvor IV, frequently as a messenger and agent abroad.
  • Furnok of Ferd

    Furnok of Ferd

    A gambler, drinker, rake, and "locksmith-for-hire," this rogue wanders the lands of Verbobonc, Dyvers, Greyhawk, and southern Furyondy, staying one step ahead of his creditors and one step behind his luck.
  • Geynor Ton

    Geynor Ton

    A priest of the Air Temple, this fastidious fellow kept a journal that helped elucidate the purpose of the "Cult of All-Consumption" under the Moathouse. He died attempting to defend a shrine to the "Dark One" from the Band of the Silver Spear.
  • Gilathadar Telva

    Gilathadar Telva

    A noted elder of the Sylvan Elf community of Verbobonc, this powerful mage seems to consider the custodianship of ancient elven sites of magical power within the viscounty to be his personal responsibility.
  • Gister Noshim

    Gister Noshim

    The master stonemason of Hommlet, as well as an engineer of considerable skill and a sergeant of the militia. He was largely responsible for the design and construction of Doomwatch Keep.
  • Glenndarc


    As headgnome of the village of Sheernob, this old wizard befriended the Silver Spears when they came to the assistance of his home.
  • Glora Gundigoot

    Glora Gundigoot

    Known as one of the finest cooks in the eastern viscounty, Goodwife Gundigoot is responsible for much of the success of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. She enjoys gossip and hen-pecks her husband a bit, but she is a warm and generous soul.
  • Glorilydd Silvershield

    Glorilydd Silvershield

    A strange dwarf maiden who seems endowed with the favour of Moradin, the Dwarffather. She assisted Throm in healing his severed connection with his god. A sorcerer, or perhaps a favoured soul, she appears to exercise power through her forge.
  • Gren


    A late priestess of Evil Elemental Fire, this imperious woman sought to break the Band of the Silver Spear as they pushed into the dungeons of the ruined Moathouse. She failed, and paid with her life.
  • Hannibal Windchester

    Hannibal Windchester

    A noted baron who guards one of the flanks of the Furyondian royal province of Fairwain. He is the father of Ruprect, brother to Phanstern and, in his youth, a boon companion of Prince Thrommel.
  • Haufren of Saint Cuthbert

    Haufren of Saint Cuthbert

    The bishop of the Cudgeller in the Viscounty of Verbobonc, this old man is a potent divine spell-caster, wise counsellor, and ruthless politician as the occasion warrants.
  • Haunor Barrowhold

    Haunor Barrowhold

    Once a soldier of Prinzefeld, this quiet dwarf fought for Ulek during the Greyhawk Wars, and was a participant at the legendary Battle of Celene Pass. He now resides in Hommlet, where he works as the guard of Potions and Elixirs.
  • Hroth Renton

    Hroth Renton

    Once captain of the militia, this old soldier is, for the most part, content to manage his farm and enjoy his twilight years. When asked, however, he is a trove of knowledge concerning warcraft, and he is considered a reservist of the militia.
  • Ienre Moonsong

    Ienre Moonsong

    A retired Companion Guard of Celene, this wood elf was the mother of Haemir Hellbrand. In 584 CY, she was slain defending the Welkwood and Gnarley Forests from the Pomarj invasion.
  • Jakk Borton

    Jakk Borton

    The master leatherworker of Hommlet, this grave fellow is also a sergeant of the militia. He is a noted convert from the Old Faith to that of Saint Cuthbert, and his proselytising sometimes gets on the nerves of his neighbours.
  • Jaroo Ashstaff

    Jaroo Ashstaff

    An initiate of the Seventh Circle of the Druidic Mysteries of the Old Faith, this aging man appears to be fighting a losing battle for the spiritual balance of his home. He can be found at the druid's grove in the oldest neighbourhood of Hommlet.
  • Jasper Nevets

    Jasper Nevets

    A gentleman landowner hailing from the wealthiest family of Hommlet, this rather intense veteran of the Greyhawk Wars is also a prominent sergeant of the militia. He leads the small contingent of the town's light cavalry.
  • Jennithar Rhengold

    Jennithar Rhengold

    The local priestess of Ehlonna at Hommlet, this half-elf ministers to the small congregation of those who care for the woodlands but do not subscribe necessarily to the Old Faith.
  • Joman Dart

    Joman Dart

    Proprietor of the Trading Post of Hommlet, this halfling makes a point of being overly gregarious with his neighbours, in hopes of lifting the historical suspicion that hangs over his shop, which was once a front for agents of the Second Temple.
  • Kathryn Sarcina

    Kathryn Sarcina

    The baroness of an eponymous land in the south-east of the viscounty, wedged between the Lordship of Doomwatch and Wildmarch of Ostverk. Lady Kathryn numbers humans, gnomes, and sylvan elves among her vassals.
  • Kayen Telva

    Kayen Telva

    A gentle-elf of Verbobonc, this powerful adventurer once struggled to throw down the Slavers of the Pomarj alongside Ruprect's uncle, Phanstern. He dwells amidst the tree top houses of the sylvan elves of Verbobonc City.
  • Langard of the Gnarley Border

    Langard of the Gnarley Border

    The youthful Viscount of Verbobonc; this "half-forgotten, half-elven bastard" rose to his position after both of Wilfrick's legitimate heirs died or vanished. He is popular with the small folk of his land, but not its nobles.
  • Lesh


    A ruthless bandit and mercenary who seemed to take grim delight in slitting the throat of Ted, a henchman of the Silver Spears. He also took Candyce's hand and very nearly her life before Throm in turn took his.
  • Lezmul


    An erratic but apparently harmless old goblin slave who was captured (or rescued, as he sees it) by our heroes. He is apparently a builder, healer, trapsmith, and shaman who worships "the mother of mushrooms."
  • Maridosen


    A half-elf, notable for her sour disposition and course manner, who works as a barmaid at the Inn of the Welcome Wench. Her manner unsuitable for such work, she will likely not work there for long.
  • Marla of Hommlet

    Marla of Hommlet

    A bar maiden who works at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, this pretty and winsome young woman could almost be the wench for which her eponymous workplace is named.
  • Meleny of Hommlet

    Meleny of Hommlet

    In charge of the spiritual health of Penwick, this druid is a close advisor to Lady Asbury. She is a native of Hommlet, a famed town to the south of her current village.
  • Mercion


    A serene priestess of Rao whose wisdom is much valued in the councils of the mighty, this quiet woman was a close companion of the late wizard known as Ringlerun. She is active in the courts of Mitrik and Chendl.
  • Mirabella Stefania

    Mirabella Stefania

    One of the most powerful vassals of the viscount, this noblewoman is also one of his most loyal. She is as yet unmarried, and many suitors seek her hand owing to her beauty, station, and wealth.
  • Naresh Flettner

    Naresh Flettner

    The master teamster of Hommlet, as well as a sergeant of the militia, this bitter, taciturn man has much respect among his neighbours despite his obvious prejudices. For some odd reason, his neighbours call him Sef the Elder rather than his given name.
  • Narvaniel of Celene

    Narvaniel of Celene

    A merchant apparently in service to the Kingdom of Celene's embassy to the Viscounty of Verbobonc, this elf had the misfortune of stumbling onto dangerous knowledge. The Band of the Silver Spear endeavoured to see him to safety.
  • Nierethi Poscurian

    Nierethi Poscurian

    A stalwart rock gnome of the Kron, this adventuring Illusionist and his halfling companion, Questin, assisted the Band of the Silver Spear in their perilous exploration of the ruined Moathouse.
  • Orrina Flettner

    Orrina Flettner

    A humble aspirant of the Church of Saint Cuthbert, this girl is the least among those who serve the Order of the Billet in Hommlet.
  • Ostler Gundigoot

    Ostler Gundigoot

    The genial innkeeper of the famed Inn of the Welcome Wench. He is a reserve sergeant of the militia, an elder of the community of Hommlet, and a much loved neighbour.
  • Owain Lynwood Terfallon

    Owain Lynwood Terfallon

    The genial ranger knight who looks over the forested hills bordering the Gnarley Forest and the Welkwood, this aging woodsman enjoys many friendships with the elven clans of the woods. He is currently hurting from a loss of manpower in his area.
  • Pargrem Holyfire

    Pargrem Holyfire

    The Keeper of the Forge and High Old One of the dwarven settlement of Yurjax, this ancient dwarf is the spiritual mentor of the Paladin Throm Mushroomhead.
  • Parsimmon Tumercan

    Parsimmon Tumercan

    The Ranger Knight of the walled village of Corustaith, deep in the Gnarley Forest. He is the mentor of Haemir Hellbrand.
  • Pasmaree Clee

    Pasmaree Clee

    The local druid of Sheernob, this powerful gnome has the remarkable ability to shapechange into an owlbear when needed. Pasmaree is a noted brewer of mead, rivalled in the eastern viscounty only by Thaenae Sevensong of Hommlet.
  • Phanstern


    Uncle to Ruprecht Windchester, this puissant illusionist and adventurer was once quite active in the domain of the Free City of Greyhawk, the WIld Coast, and the Pomarj. He vanished in 587 CY.
  • Pharlok


    A messenger (and perhaps assassin) sent to Master Thaque by the Temple of Evil Elemental Fire, this unwitting cleric was ambushed by the Band of the Silver Spear and slain along with his men.
  • Questin Himble

    Questin Himble

    Perversely deformed by an accident of birth, this crass and angry fellow looks more like a goblin than a halfling of the hairfoot peoples. He has become the protector and muscle to the sly gnome known Nierethi Poscurian.
  • Rafferty Windchester

    Rafferty Windchester

    The oldest brother of Ruprect, and heir to the barony, this young nobleman is a popular figure at court as well as a valued soldier in the struggles against the Old One. He is a seasoned soldier and leader -- the pride of his house.
  • Randar Tarimson

    Randar Tarimson

    A famed war hero and Ranger Knight of the western Gnarley verge. He vanished recently, reportedly whilst seeking to counter the rise of the green dragon Chausticlorinus.
  • Riffkin Windchester

    Riffkin Windchester

    Second oldest brother of Ruprect, this young nobleman is a popular figure at court as well as a valued soldier in the struggles against the Old One. He is a seasoned soldier and battle mage, respected for his intelligent counsel.
  • Ringlerun


    An enigmatic wizard who has served the king of Furyondy for some thirty years, Ringlerun was Ruprecht's chief tutor in the arts of magic. He is thought to have perished in the Siege of Chendl in 583 CY, but rumour has it that he has resurfaced lately.
  • Robin Fallarston

    Robin Fallarston

    A bard of the Duchy of the Reach in the Kingdom of Furyondy who fell into the orbit of our heroes. He followed them for a time in hopes of making new songs out of their adventures.
  • Roland Hondelson

    Roland Hondelson

    Master of Archers of the Penwick militia, this retired adventurer also serves Lady Asbury as her huntmaster.
  • Rorri Flettner

    Rorri Flettner

    Known as "Horse" by his friends and neighbours, owing to his prodigious strength, durability, and reliability, this young teamster appears to be a kind of apprentice to Elmo, the milita captain. He is also a favourite of the local village girls.
  • Rourk Splinterstone

    Rourk Splinterstone

    The Commander of the League of Right during the desperate Battle of Celene Pass, this humble and battle-weary warrior has been made Baron of the new domain of Passwatch. He is a kinsman of Throm Mushroomhead.
  • Rufus


    As co-lord of Hommlet and master of Doomwatch Keep, this warrior has the unenviable task of watching over the ruins of the Temple of Elemental Evil. He is known to be a skilled soldier, with a love of learning.
  • Sef Flettner

    Sef Flettner

    A teamster of Hommlet and a valued member of the milita, this handsome young fellow is a god-fearing Cuthbertine who seeks to make his make and take a wife. Unlike Horse, he takes very much after their father, Sef the Elder.
  • Simon Milinous

    Simon Milinous

    His Most Honourable Sir, Simon, Eighth Baronet of Milinous, Knight-Captain of the Mounted Borders, and Knight Protector of Furyondy. This war hero, apparently much changed by his trials, has become a tyrant of a lord.
  • Spugnoir of Stalmaer

    Spugnoir of Stalmaer

    The proprietor of Potions and Elixirs, a shop vending those eponymous goods in Hommlet, this Furyondian mage is also an adventurer at heart. He helped destroy the Second Temple, though his contribution was modest.
  • Tarim of Hommlet

    Tarim of Hommlet

    A woodcutter and occasional farmhand of Hommlet, this taciturn fellow is a noted sergeant of the militia. Few know the countryside around Hommlet so well as he. His son, Randar, is a famed Ranger of the Gnarley Forest.
  • Telek Van

    Telek Van

    A noted Dyversian bard and adventurer, known to be a long-standing members of the famous (some would say infamous) troupe known as the Circle of Shadows.
  • Terjon of Saint Cuthbert

    Terjon of Saint Cuthbert

    Second in command of the church of Saint Cuthbert in Hommlet, this terse and often abrasive Furyondian priest lacks the charisma of his superior, Canoness Y'dey. He fancies himself something of an adventurer, and actively patrols the hills.
  • Thrommel of Fairwain

    Thrommel of Fairwain

    Prince of Furyondy, Knight of the Hart, and Champion of the Righteous Host of Emridy Meadows, this noble Paladin Lord vanished in 573 CY. Despite constant questing by the agents of weal, no word of him has been discovered throughout the many years since.
  • Thrommel of Hanerden

    Thrommel of Hanerden

    A handsome, earnest young squire in the service of the lord chamberlain of Verbobonc. A little shy in matters of romance, he was easily seduced by Candyce Palfreye.
  • Toridan


    A hulking, deadly combatant encountered as the heroes left the Moathouse, Toridan might very well have been the death of a few members of the party but for a Haste spell and the favour of the gods. He was slain by Throm.
  • Utreshimon


    This young blue dragon, far from home, had inexplicably set up his lair in the Moathouse when he encountered our heroes. The dragon was soon outmanoeuvred, trapped, and slain.
  • Valden Oyd

    Valden Oyd

    The master cartwright of Hommlet, and also a sergeant of the militia. Notably handsome, he is nonetheless a careworn man who appears to be growing old before his time.
  • Valomina Haxx

    Valomina Haxx

    Her Most Honourable Lady, Valomina, the second Baronetess-Consort of Haxx, is a straight-laced, strict noblewoman of the Viscounty of Verbobonc. She handles her family's mercantile interests in her native home of the Free City of Dyvers.
  • Vandros


    This fell wizard briefly terrorised the southern reaches of the March of Visengart in the land of Verbobonc. He and his organisation were destroyed by the Band of the Silver Spear.
  • Vesta Gundigoot

    Vesta Gundigoot

    The pretty, no-nonsense daughter of Ostler and Glora Gundigoot. Vesta practically runs the Inn of the Welcome Wench these days, and despite being one of the most eligible maidens in the area, she has little time for hopeful courters.
  • Wilfrick of Eglath

    Wilfrick of Eglath

    A well-meaning, humble wizard and alchemist of the Viscounty of Verbobonc.
  • Willem Smyth

    Willem Smyth

    The longest serving blacksmith of Hommlet, this taciturn fellow is also a sergeant of the militia. Additionally he serves as the chief assistant of Jaroo Ashstaff, although his family responsibilities have caused him to semi-retire from active service.
  • Xaod the Slayer

    Xaod the Slayer

    Although he is a paladin of Hieroneous, this warrior seems anything but holy. He is rough in manner, over-fond of ale, and evidently a bit of a womaniser, but the heroes found his courage and good heart to be worthy of his vocation.
  • Y'dey of Saint Cuthbert

    Y'dey of Saint Cuthbert

    This puissant priestess of the Cudgeller serves as high priestess of her church in Hommlet, though out of humility she insists on the title of canoness. She was heavily involved in the destruction of the Second Temple, and is a hero to the common folk.
  • Ylrunia


    Allied to the renewed Cult of Elemental Evil, this young wizard was also the lover of Gren the fire priestess. She was slain by Alfalfa, Haemir's canine animal companion.
  • Ysslansh


    A priest of the Earth Temple, this creature hailed from a race far more common to the Night Below than the surface world. It fell defending the Moathouse from the Band of the Silver Spear.
  • Yunndi of Hommlet

    Yunndi of Hommlet

    An Ovate of the Druidic Mysteries of the Old Faith, this young man is the designated successor to his master, Jaroo Ashstaff. He is also a dear friend to the Gundigoot's at the Inn of the Welcome Wench.
  • Zerosh Nubric

    Zerosh Nubric

    A genteel Sylvan elf who has dwelt in Hommlet for some eleven years, apparently due to a desire to study the stars from the area. He supports himself by scribing magic scrolls.
  • Zonkle Knacklesac

    Zonkle Knacklesac

    A famed master illusionist and hero of the Greyhawk Wars, this humble, secretive gnome is an advisor to King Belvor IV of Furyondy.