Cedris Tumercan

A skilled wizard, Cedris nonetheless seems happier serving as the innkeeper of the Gilded Acorn, a fine establishment in the village of Corustaith, deep in the Gnarley Forest.


A slender man with a very slight paunch, perhaps forty years of age, clean shaven and strong featured. Cedris is handsome enough with his shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and ready smile, and more than a few woodsfolk daughters have had their heads turned by good looks and skill in the kitchen. He favours blues and greys in his attire, and like his brother he wears a thistledown cloak and doeskin boots. A golden medallion bearing a magical sigil sits prominently on his chest, and his robes and belt are threaded with silver woven in arcane designs.


Younger than Parsimmon by six years, the difference between them seems to be at least twice that. The wizard puts his graceful aging down to good cooking, gentle company, and enjoying “the great indoors,” but the gossip-prone woodsmen of Corustaith speculate that either there must be some elf-blood in the family that skipped the older brother, or else like many wizards he has found a way to cheat time. In any case, rather than hunting the growth of his Art, the gentle Cedris happily marks his days by running the Gilded Acorn, a modestly sized inn of twelve beds that is anything but modest in quality. Indeed, no other inn throughout the entirety of the Gnarley Forest exceeds his establishment for fine food, quality ale and wine, and cozy, warm surroundings.

Of course, he wasn’t always so bucolically content, for as soon as the young Cedris completed his apprenticeship he joined his older sibling on their adventures along the Wild Coast, the Selintan, the Plains of Greyhawk, and the Abbor Alz. It is thought that he was considered quite the talent among arcanist circles, and that he was initially reluctant to return to the forest when his brother grew anxious for home. However, once he was back in familiar surrounds, Cedris soon decided that he didn’t wish to leave it ever again, and he conceived of and built the Gilded Acorn even before Parsimmon became Ranger Knight of Corustaith.

At the inn, he has been able to indulge his other passion and has thoroughly engaged himself in the culinary arts. The reputation of the Gilded Acorn has been building for many years now, and it is widely thought to be the finest inn anywhere between the cities of Greyhawk, Dyvers, and Verbobonc. While he did emerge during the months of the Pomarj incursions to assist Parsimmon and the Rangers of the Gnarley Forest, it would appear that Cedris’ adventuring days are well behind him. These days, he seems content building his recipe book more than his spellbook, but among the Rangers of the Gnarley he is also known as someone who can take commissions to brew potions or enchant fine weapons and armour.

Cedris Tumercan

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