Gister Noshim

The master stonemason of Hommlet, as well as an engineer of considerable skill and a sergeant of the militia. He was largely responsible for the design and construction of Doomwatch Keep.


A husky, middle-aged man with heavy features and a bit of a paunch, his thick hair and beard gradually giving way to grey, although this effect is somewhat enhanced by the dust common to his trade. His brown eyes have an incisive, intelligent quality. He is dressed simply in a pair of solid boots, dusty trousers and a loose white tunic, and he keeps a dagger for protection.


First encountered in the Inn of the Welcome Wench on the night of their arrival, Gister Noshim was initially overlooked by the Band of the Silver Spear, perhaps because like every other man in the room he was dwarfed by his friend and captain, Elmo. Just one of a large handful of militia sergeants who are in the habit of gathering for a cheeky couple of jacks of ale in the evening, he seemed unremarkable save for the traces of dust on his forearms, clothes, and in his hair. He said little as the heroes and the militia council compared notes, except to answer questions about the likely state of the Moathouse’s ruination or to discuss matters a little more esoteric than those to which his drinking companions were accustomed. At such times he spoke slowly, intelligently and authoritively, and it was clear that his fellows considered him the smartest among their number.

Renowned far beyond his home, the master mason of Hommlet is credited with the design and construction of Doomwatch Keep, a fortification widely considered to be one of the strongest castles in all of the viscounty. He is a follower of the Old Faith, though not a native of his chosen home, having emigrated from the settlement of Validia, a town that falls on the border between the lands of House Saflynd and House Chondell. Already famed for his additions to Castle Hagthar and Castle Chondell, he was contracted to design and oversee the construction of the castle at Hommlet, which would ensure the safety of the flank of the viscounty from the constant threats that seem endemic to the verge. It would be a long project, so Gister settled in the village with his wife and three children.

He soon took apprentices and while he drew up plans and surveyed the site of the castle project, put them to work constructing one of the finest homes in the settlement. It would be the first house built almost entirely of stone, but certainly not the last, as the Nevets family desired the same. He became an integral part of the community, developing friendships with Burne, Rufus, Jaroo and Kenter (the late village elder), as well as various members of the militia. Burne in particular seems to enjoy his company, for few other residents of Hommlet can hope to match the wizard’s riddles, and Gister sometimes even stumps his lordship. Once the castle was complete, he next turned his attention to Jaroo’s grove, placing a series of large and small menhirs along the processional. Next came his domestic masterpiece — a manor for the wealthy and expanding Nevets family on the northern approaches of the town. After its completion, the family donated their old home in the centre of the village for the use of the militia.

Gister remains a pillar of the community in Hommlet, and his workshop has expanded to accommodate demand. His old apprentices eventually moved on to other towns, and now his grown children children have taken their place. He has also taken on an assistant in the journeyman Tragge Liftsilver, a dwarf of Rockhall who desires to learn something of Gister’s brilliant innovations. The master stonemason has in turn learned much of the dwarven principles of stonecraft and engineering, further expanding his already remarkable knowledge.

Gister Noshim

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