Glora Gundigoot

Known as one of the finest cooks in the eastern viscounty, Goodwife Gundigoot is responsible for much of the success of the Inn of the Welcome Wench. She enjoys gossip and hen-pecks her husband a bit, but she is a warm and generous soul.


Although she is in her late fifties, the goodwife of the Inn of the Welcome Wench is aging gracefully. Having spent her life indoors more than her neighbours, her face is not so marked by the kiss of Liga, though there is no shortage of laugh lines to be seen there. She draws her grey hair up into a bun so she can work, and although she is not so sprightly as she once was, she navigates the familiar kitchen and common room of the inn with graceful ease.


When the Company of the Silver Spear first stayed at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, they observed the matronly Goody Gundigoot, assisted by her hard-working scullions and her daughter, Ema, cooking up a storm in the kitchen. After the dinner hours concluded, she joined her darling husband, Ostler, for a cup of wine in order to catch up on the gossip and bask in the praise of her neighbours and guests before they both retired upstairs for the evening.

It was observed that her opinion was courted by many, and that her motherly, wise advice drew sage nods and ready agreement by all. It would seem that Glora is a woman of much influence in the community of Hommlet, even if she seems to hold no official status within the village. And to hear the good folk of Hommlet say it, there is no finer cook in all the eastern viscounty. Certainly, the table of fare at the Inn of the Welcome Wench is a long cut above the best they tried anywhere in the capital.

Glora Gundigoot

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