Rorri Flettner

Known as "Horse" by his friends and neighbours, owing to his prodigious strength, durability, and reliability, this young teamster appears to be a kind of apprentice to Elmo, the milita captain. He is also a favourite of the local village girls.


A tall, handsome, and powerfully built young man of Oeridian and Suel blood, possessed of his father’s sharp features and his mother’s thick, unruly hair. He is a serious young fellow, but not at all an unfriendly one, for his smile is ready enough and his hazel eyes are warm. Garbed in a sturdy tunic, breeches, long boots and a brown cloak, he wears a sword and a dagger at his belt.


First encountered by our heroes in the Inn of the Welcome Wench on the night of their arrival, Rorri Flettner (or Horse as he seems to be known among the villagers by and large) was instantly noted by the party for his good looks and warm laugh as they passed his table near the front door of the tap room. Later, Elmo called Horse over and introduced him as the son of Sef the elder, another man sitting at the table, and it was soon clear that the militia captain considered the young teamster to be something of a ranger’s apprentice. The Band of the Silver Spear found him to be a smart and likable young man, well able to follow the conversation of his elders at the table.

Horse was again present the next night when the Band of the Silver Spear was dining and drinking in the inn, this time having a quiet jack of ale with his father and his brother, Sef the Younger. They invited him to sit with them and share a drink, then offered him a job as their camp guard and teamster, in charge of driving their wagons and watching over their goods while they were confronting danger in dungeons and whatnot. Although he allowed that he was sorely tempted, the young man politely declined, citing a desire to not displease his father, whose heart was broken when his eldest surviving son, Content Not Found: norresh-flettner, ran off to become an adventurer. Sure enough, they espied his father and brother, both looking at the heroes with deep suspicion and dislike from afar.

However, the young teamster did point out three other men, the brothers Ed, Ted, and Ed, who occasionally worked for the Flettner family when the season was especially busy, explaining that they were always hard put for coin as they had no real trade and quite the appetite for ale.

Days later, when they were returning to Hommlet from the Moathouse, laden with their dead hirelings, they spotted Rorri picknicking with several young ladies about a mile out from the town. He and his friends rushed over to assist the exhausted adventurers, and his pale face and look of troubled shock betrayed his thoughts: but for the disapproval of his father, it might have been he lying dead on the tray of their wagon. They assisted the Band of the Silver Spear as they made their way back in to Hommlet, and then they all departed without a word.

Rorri Flettner

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