Joman Dart

Proprietor of the Trading Post of Hommlet, this halfling makes a point of being overly gregarious with his neighbours, in hopes of lifting the historical suspicion that hangs over his shop, which was once a front for agents of the Second Temple.


A cherubic halfling of the hairfoot people, perhaps fifty years of age, who would be judged neither particularly handsome nor homely. He has a slight paunch, and the golden hair on his feet is long enough that he has chosen to braid it. The halfling dresses himself humbly, wearing a pair of green woolen three quarter trousers, a yellow vest, and a blue coat trimmed with leather. It would seem that he is overfond of tobacco, for the scent of it clings to him.


Unfailingly pleasant and open, this halfling was encountered by members of the Band of the Silver Spear at his business, known to the locals of Hommlet as the Old Trading Post even though Joman had it rebuilt from the foundations up when he elected to settle in the small town just three years ago. Prior to that, the building had been a fire-gutted ruin and a blight on the bucolic landscape of the settlement, having burnt down when adventurers attempted to apprehend its previous owners. Those villains, a pair of shady merchants known as Rannos and Gremag, had been spies of the Second Temple, planted within the economic firmament of the village to spy on its residents and to stir up trouble for the adventurers that would base themselves there in order to bring down the resurgent Cult of Elemental Evil. Among the many crimes perpetrated by Rannos and Gremag was the murder of Corl, oldest son of Sef the Teamster, as well as the attempted sabotage of the building project of Castle Doomwatch.

Joman has done much to dispel the malignant reputation of his business. He is a part of the small congregation of Ehlonna, and known for stopping in at the Inn of the Welcome Wench for an ale and a pipe each evening, where he has shown himself to be a social and generous fellow, fond of a joke, a prank, and a bit of juicy gossip. He is not a member of the militia, but he chose to break the ice with his new neighbours by offering any member of the militia a five percent discount on all good purchased in his store. The building itself is an airy affair, its old, forbidding heavy shutters replaced by wide windows in the circular halfling style, with flower beds and a herb garden in front. Throughout the day Joman can often be found taking in breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, and afternoon tea with any number of guests at the garden, as he loves to entertain even when his shop is open. Jennithar Rhengold of the Temple of Ehlonna is a frequent visitor, as is Alphon of the New Smithy,Thaenie, the master brewer, Telna the pastry cook, and Papa Otho, the baker.

The Old Trading Post is well-stocked with anything mundane that a prospective adventurer might desire, save fresh foodstuffs, as Joman feels that such supplies are best purchased directly from the farmers or at the business of his friendly rivals at the General Store. He also carries few alchemical items, as to stock them would be pointless given their availability at Potions and Elixirs, the shop of his neighbour Spugnoir. One thing he does stock that cannot be easily sourced anywhere else in the countryside of the viscounty is Elmshire Salty, a varietal of halfling pipeweed famed for its savoury and sweet port-soaked flavour and the great plumes of smoke it conjures in the lungs of a skilled smoker. He obtains it from his contacts back in his home town on the shores of the Nyr Dyv, ensconced within the safety of the Domain of Greyhawk.

When Ruprect, shopping for trail rations and other useful adventuring gear, mentioned their plans to investigate the ruins of the Moathouse and spoke of their recent assistance to the good gnomes of Sheernob, Joman was impressed. He offered the Band of the Silver Spear a five percent discount on any gear purchased by the party. After the Moathouse was cleared, and the people of Hommlet learned of the treatment of the band’s local employees, Joman’s disposition towards the party cooled along with that of nearly everyone else in the town. He did not, however, go back on his word regarding the discount.

Joman Dart

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