Naresh Flettner

The master teamster of Hommlet, as well as a sergeant of the militia, this bitter, taciturn man has much respect among his neighbours despite his obvious prejudices. For some odd reason, his neighbours call him Sef the Elder rather than his given name.


A gaunt, wiry man in his middle years. He is an unsmiling man with unfriendly, weary grey eyes, a head of of receding salt and pepper hair, and an air of a fellow who appears to take everything in with a strong element of suspicion. He is dressed in sturdy tunic and breeches, with long boots and a heavy belt upon which he wears a sword and a knife.


First encountered by our heroes in the Inn of the Welcome Wench on the night of their arrival, Sef the Elder (or Naresh as he seems to be known to his family) was notable among the militamen present for the ill-disguised glances of suspicion that he delivered in the direction of Haemir Hellbrand. Every word the ranger said to his fellows drew incredulous eyes from the teamster, even as he also listened intently and equananimously to comments from Throm, Ruprect, Wilfrick, and Candyce. Like his friends Valden and Jakk, Sef is a stalwart worshipper of Saint Cuthbert, for he would frequently nod reverently each time Jakk peppered the discussion with praise for the Cudgeller. The teamster drank little during the meeting, and smiled not at all except when his son, “Horse”, was invited to sit with them.

Hommlet-_Horse_Fletner_by_mgrabowski.jpg Sef’s younger son, Horse.

The other members of the council seem to respect Sef, for as a master teamster his knowledge of roads and logistics within the viscounty is second to none within the village. However, his ornery and suspicious nature towards Haemir seemed to rankle Elmo a little, and the hulking captain quietly apologised to his fellow ranger later in the evening. Apparently Sef’s father (and namesake) was once robbed and beaten by elves, and the resentment has been passed down through the generations, however misplaced it might be.

Sef’s older son and namesake Hommlet-_Sef_the_Younger_by_oliverplun.jpg
Sef was again present the next night when the Band of the Silver Spear was dining and drinking in the inn, this time having a quiet jack of ale with Horse and his other son, Sef the Younger. His suspicion grew to encompass all of them when they invited Horse to sit with them once more, a prelude to offering the youngster a job as their camp guard and private teamster. Politely, the young man declined, citing a desire to not displease his father, whose heart was broken when another of his sons, Norresh, ran off to become an adventurer. However, he did point out three other men, the brothers Ed, Ted, and Ed, who occasionally worked for the Flettner family when the season was especially busy.

Hommlet-_Orrina_Fletner_by_Bocho.jpg Orrina, Sef’s pious daughter
Oscar would meet yet another member of the Flettner family — a pious young maiden of sixteen named Orrina, who studies as an aspirant for holy orders in the clergy of Saint Cuthbert. Ranking beneath Derim by a good margin, the youthful Orrina worked at her studies under the supervision of Calmert, learning the basics of church dogma, performing chores about the temple, and carrying out charitable acts for the faithful. She seemed very shy around the older warrior-priest, but easy-going around the more familiar Derim. Oscar overheard her speak to the acolyte about yet another son of Sef’s, Corl by name, who was murdered by agents of the Second Temple after the apparent meddling of a number of adventurers caused him to stray from the true path of Saint Cuthbert. Apparently the carters have been suspicious ever after concerning the unwarranted generosity and unseemly nosiness of strangers..

Naresh Flettner

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