Nierethi Poscurian

A stalwart rock gnome of the Kron, this adventuring Illusionist and his halfling companion, Questin, assisted the Band of the Silver Spear in their perilous exploration of the ruined Moathouse.


A merry, heavy-set gnome in his sixties. His cloak immediately catches your eye, for it looks like a night sky, complete with twinkling stars, the moons of Luna and Celene, and glittering motes. He has brown eyes and sports a full beard, a twirled moustache, and thick, spiky hair. The gnome wears leather cour bouilli, and numerous pouches, a scroll organiser, and a few flasks can be seen on his person. He arms himself with dagger and crossbow, the latter of which has been modified for an under-slung wand mount. A calico cat walks at his side.


Nierethi Poscurian, “a humble worker of illusions hailing from the Kron Hills,” as he would introduce himself to the Silver Spears, was first encountered by the heroes on the second night of their stay at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet. Well aware of the larger than life personalities of Xaod the Slayer and Chatrilon Unosh domineering the attention of the folk in the tap room of the inn, the diminutive fellow chose his moment well to approach during a quieter moment later in the evening. Introducing himself as a member of Clan Marlbiren and the grandson of "the great Lanfoodle (a name he rather expected that they would know and revere), he went on to compliment the Band of the Silver Spear for their works in aid of the gnomes of Sheernob.

At length, he explained that he was a student of history, that he was deeply interested in the ruins of the Moathouse and the Temple of Elemental Evil, and that for an equal share of the treasure he was eager to join any adventuring band that was heading off to explore them. He put himself forward as a skilled wizard who would be an asset but the Silver Spears but they, cognisant of the fact that they already enjoyed the talents of Ruprect, Candyce, and Wilfrick demurred, promising instead to consider him again in future.

Hero-_Questin_Himble__2_.jpg Questin Himble, friend and protector to Nierethi.

Later, while fighting for their lives against an unexpected profusion of evil cultists, gnolls, ghouls, and skeletons at the Moathouse, they encountered Nierethi once again, this time in company with the halfling Questin Himble. Low on resources, the heroes welcomed the two to join their ranks for a time, and they each proved their mettle in their own way. For his part, Nierethi’s illusion magics were of minimal use but he was indeed an asset with his Wand of Magic Missiles, which he curiously carried underslung in a special slot on his crossbow. The gnome used the wand to excellent effect in several fights, especially the harrowing exchange with the mad priest, Festrath. He was also courageous, without hesitation following Throm into the extra-dimensional pocket within the dark, inverted obelisk when the dwarf vanished after touching its balancing capstone.

After the Moathouse was cleared and they returned to Hommlet, Nierethi and Questin declined to accompany the Band of the Silver Spear back to Verbobonc. Merrily jesting of a desire to find “tombs to plunder, mysteries to plumb, villains to vanquish, and power to build,” they would remain in the area, using Hommlet as a base for their explorations of the verge and any other former bastions of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Unlike Xaod the Slayer, they had no qualms with the “methods of the Spears,” however, and they would be pleased to rejoin the party when their paths crossed once again.

Nierethi Poscurian

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