Sef Flettner

A teamster of Hommlet and a valued member of the milita, this handsome young fellow is a god-fearing Cuthbertine who seeks to make his make and take a wife. Unlike Horse, he takes very much after their father, Sef the Elder.


A good-looking young man, strong and hale, of Oeridian and Suel heritage. Despite his handsome features, he does not appear to smile readily at all, and his hazel eyes are a little unfriendly. He appears to value his appearance, for his dark hair is kept fashionably short, and he is fond of wearing a fine green scarf in addition to his tunic, breeches, gloves, boots, and cloak. A sword and knife are kept at his belt.


First encountered by our heroes on the second night of their stay at the Inn of the Welcome Wench in Hommlet, Sef the Younger sat with his father and namesake as well as his younger brother, “Horse,” enjoying a quiet jack of ale as the sun dipped below the horizon. The three men talked and laughed with their neighbours but, unlike his welcoming brother, Sef the Younger seemed to share his father’s suspicion of the half-elven ranger, Haemir Hellbrand. He did not scowl quite so much, however, and he smiled readily and talked pleasantly to any young woman who hazarded to come near the table, and he even ventured a few inquisitive and appraising looks in the direction of Candyce Palfreye. His chin and cheeks freshly scraped, wearing his finest clothes, and lavishing complimentts on any woman within earshot, it would seem that the eager young teamster is very much interested in finding himself a wife, but the notion of flirting with an adventurer appeared to beyond his wherewithal.

Sef the Younger scowled whenever the sour half-elven barmaid Maridosen drew near as well, but he did seem to be quite taken with both Vesta and Marla, both of whom joked and laughed with Sef as they passed. Later in the evening he looked upon the latter barmaid’s obvious affection for Xaod the Slayer with ill-disguised jealousy.

Sef Flettner

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