Spugnoir of Stalmaer

The proprietor of Potions and Elixirs, a shop vending those eponymous goods in Hommlet, this Furyondian mage is also an adventurer at heart. He helped destroy the Second Temple, though his contribution was modest.


A mild-mannered man in his late thirties; of average height and build, but possessed of a ready spring in his step and plenty of energy. His wind-tousled hair, ruddy skin and light tan speak to much time spent in the outdoors and his attire is a mix between the sturdy outfit of a man used to roughing it and that of a scholar. Numerous pouches and other esoteric accouterments bespeak his wizardly profession. He wears a satchel over one shoulder and a cleverly contrived bandolier full of steel vials over the other.

A large, tawny house cat with tapered ears sticks close to his master, lovingly wending its way around his legs whenever the wizard stood still, or taking up real estate in his lap whenever Spugnoir sat down. Named Sebbakai, the highly intelligent feline was otherwise respectful of the wizard’s study, and rather than hamper his perusal of the spellbook, the cat would nestle into the crook of his arm to read the tome alongside him. Whenever danger presented, the cat would disappear into Spugnoir’s cloak.


A skilled wizard and alchemist, this eccentric but brave Furyondian hails from Stalmaer, a river port at the juncture of the Att and Velverdyva rivers in the Gold County. He was very much the pretext for the exploration of the ruined Moathouse by the Band of the Silver Spear, who were hired by his daughter Rene after he failed to come home from his latest expedition to the ruins. He would soon be rescued by the heroes and briefly joined their party out of gratitude, as well as a desire to explore the newly excavated parts of the dungeons. Having visited the place as many as a dozen times over the years, his firsthand knowledge of the Moathouse proved to be invaluable to the Silver Spears over the coming days, as was his compliment of useful spells.

Hommlet-_Rene.jpg Rene, Spugnoir’s precocious daugher

As is often the case when folk face danger together, Spugnoir would forge a friendship with all among the Band of the Silver Spear. However, chief among them was Wilfrick, who shared the older wizard’s love of alchemy and potion-brewing, but he also developed a fondness of sorts for the brilliant but erratic Ruprect and the talented, precocious Candyce. All would hear his tale eventually.

Spugnoir left his home and journeyed to Hommlet back in 579 CY, purporting to be on a mission for his master, but in truth he had completed his apprenticeship and desired to try his hand at adventuring. This he would do, taking part in a number of forays into the Moathouse, subterfuges in Nulb, and attacks on the Temple of Elemental Evil itself.

He knows the recipes for the brewing of many potions, and he does a fine trade with passing merchants, visiting wizards and clerics, and greedy adventurers. At any one time he will have at least ten potions available in his strongbox at Potions and Elixirs. Those most commonly available at his shop include:

Potion of Jump (CL1, 50 gp)
Potion of Spider Climb (CL1, 50 gp)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (CL1, 55 gp)
Potion of Invisibility (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Swim (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Blur (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Bull’s Strength (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Cat’s Grace (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Darkvision (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Levitate (CL3, 300 gp)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL3, 330 gp)
Potion of Heroism (CL5, 750 gp)
Potion of Water-Breathing (CL5, 750 gp)

Spugnoir endeavours to have at least one of each of these potions available at all times, but if his stock is exhausted it can take days or even weeks to replenish. Occasionally, he will scribe and trade a magic scroll in kind, but he does not do this as a service for he has no desire to harm the livelihood of his neighbour, Zerosh Nubric.

Although he was not shy about saying he would have done things differently, and Spugnoir was saddened by the events surrounding the death of Ted and the maiming of Candyce, Ed, and Derim he, unlike his neighbours, would not judge them for what occurred. When they parted ways upon returning to the village he made it clear that their friendship was undiminished, and further so was the thirty percent discount he offered them at Potions and Elixirs by way of continued gratitude for his rescue.

Spugnoir of Stalmaer

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