Tarim of Hommlet

A woodcutter and occasional farmhand of Hommlet, this taciturn fellow is a noted sergeant of the militia. Few know the countryside around Hommlet so well as he. His son, Randar, is a famed Ranger of the Gnarley Forest.


A short, burly, middle-aged woodsman with thick, dirty strawberry blonde hair, a full beard, and ruddy skin wizened by many years of exposure to the elements. He wears a fur cloak over a cotton shirt, with woolen breeches and jacket, and his boots are always covered with dirt. He typically goes armed with a hunting knife, and keeps a forester’s axe at his side.


First encountered by our heroes in the Inn of the Welcome Wench on the night of their arrival, Tarim was one of the militia sergeants with Hero-_Rendar_Redaxe_by_Wayne_Wu.jpgwhom the heroes took counsel concerning the state of the woods, particularly with regards to the rise of bandit lords in the area. He showed himself to be a laconic fellow, offering his thoughts matter-of-factly and gruffly, obviously unused to having a his opinion courted. His words made it clear that he knows the Gnarley Rangers well, not least because his son, Randar, is none other than the famed ranger knight who claims stewardship over the Tor Badlands region of the verge. He is very, very proud of the accomplishments of his eldest, and the heroes understand him to be both quite baffled and deeply worried that Randar has vanished, for little could hope to stop the deadly ranger in his tracks, and the woodcutter is terrified that some great evil has taken his son from him. When last they spoke, the Redaxe expressed a great deal of consternation concerning the rise of the green dragon Chausticlorinus, and so Tarim fears that it was she who has precipitated his disappearance.

When asked, Tarim spoke authoritatively concerning the state of the woods, the environs of the Moathouse, and the constant skirmishing between the orc tribes of the Howling Moon and the Storm-Eyes. His fellows listened to his sage words as if they were set in stone. It would seem that among the villagers, few know the woods of the Gnarley better than he, for Tarim and his family have served the settlement of Hommlet as woodcutters for generations and the verge is their bread and butter.

Like Elmo and Hroth, Tarim is a follower of the Old Faith, and he is careful to avoid over-clearing of the Gnarley verge and several other copses closer to town, and the other folk of Hommlet tend to respect his claims of custodianship. In particular he has claimed a grove of deklo trees west of town. Though once infested with giant spiders, the copse of the beautiful, resinous black wood is much in demand for furniture and sculpting, and serves to keep Tarim and his humble family of woodcutters in reasonable comfort. Few would flout his claims, for while he has mellowed a good deal with middle-age, he was known in his youth for his quick and savage temper.

Hommlet-_Gorim.jpg Hommlet-_Aimii.jpg He counts the Rentons, whose farm is immediately to the south of his own modest holding, to be his best friends, and he is also close to the druid Jaroo Ashstaff and the brewmistress Thaenai Sevensong. Tarim is a proud father. Although he is a man of few words, he glows when he is present for tales told of the many extraordinary feats accomplished by the redoubtable Randar. In the absence of his oldest progeny, he is assisted in his work by his second son, Gorim, and also by his daughter, Amii. The former is a second axe to his own, as well as his constant companion in the woods. The latter looks to the good order of their camp and also with scouting out good trees to chop and season in preparation to cart their livelihood back to Hommlet. Each summer, when their work is done and the lumber is seasoning, Tarim and his children also work in the fields of their neighbours, drawing a wage to add much needed coin to their typically poor purses.

Although he has the good looks of his mother, Gorim is very much his father’s son, being a bit of a lout, known for his wild ways and his hot temper, but he is happiest in the company of his father, exchanging silence across the campfire after a hard days work. When in town he enjoys a friendly brawl, strong drink, and to play at dice. His crass behaviour is frowned upon at the Welcome Wench, so he can more commonly be found at Terrigan’s, a rougher watering hole at the opposite end of town. For her part, Amii is considered one of the great beauties of the small town, and she is well-loved for her gentle and goodly nature. Her mother spared no expense to see her tutored by Zerosh Nubric in music and elvish language and custom. Sometimes, she entertains the crowd at the Inn of the Welcome Wench for a few coins to give to her parents.

Hommlet-_Ganna.jpg Tarim’s marriage is another matter. His wife, Ganna, works at the shop of Moneir, the master weaver, and by all reports she loves her job at least as much as her husband. Indeed, she spends long hours with the weavers, trusting to Amii to keep the family fed and laundered while she earns extra coin. Quiet, gentle, and demure, she would seem to be a typical goodwife of Hommlet. Gossip has it, however, that their marriage is less than happy, for Tarim and Ganna married young and they have grown to be very different people.The only time they seem to be truly happy is when witnessing their daughter play music for the town, or when Randar occasionally visits. Otherwise they are known to argue. Ganna is frequently found in a mood of icy, silent anger while Tarim seeks the solace of the woods, there to brood in despondent confusion. Such has been their marriage for more than ten years, and their neighbours have come to see their quarrelsome relationship as the norm.

Tarim of Hommlet

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