This young blue dragon, far from home, had inexplicably set up his lair in the Moathouse when he encountered our heroes. The dragon was soon outmanoeuvred, trapped, and slain.


A dragon with deep, azure blue scales, it’s body almost twice the length of a tall man, and nearly thrice that from its horned head to the tip of it’s tail. A large horn rose from its forehead, flanked by crested, frilled ears. There was evidence of recently healed claw marks on the dragon’s chest, neck, and underbelly, as well as much newer burns on its chest and the left side of its face.


Encountered by the Band of the Silver Spear almost immediately after they entered the ruins of the Moathouse, the sight of the blue dragon inspired momentary disbelief in the heroes, most of whom wondered if an illusionist had fooled their senses with a figment. However, as it emerged through the double doors of the decrepit great hall onto the courtyard steps, the creature then spoke:

“Who dares disturb Utreshimon the Blue?” the dragon roared, it’s eyes flashing and electricity crackling around it’s fangs. He advanced to the lip of the stairs, and the old stones strained a little under his weight, and the Band of the Silver Spear were convinced of the dragon’s authenticity.

Swiftly and respectfully, they introduced themselves, but the arrogant dragon retorted that if they dropped their weapons and their wealth as “tribute to his majesty,” he would permit them to leave.

Throm respectfully refused, stalling for time by citing his attachment to the weapons that he had lovingly crafted, but Utreshimon was having none of it. With a great leap into the air he moved to attack the heroes, beating his powerful wings to thresh the ground. Detritus lifted all around them; dust, dirt, and mud of the Moathouse courtyard filled the air as the Band of the Silver Spear scattered and scrambled to deny a clear line for the dragon’s breath. They attacked with thrown hammers and loosed arrows, with spell and with wand, but their success was mixed at best other than Candyce, whose Wand of Magic Missiles unerringly devastated the dragon.

It was Throm who would get lucky, catching Utreshimon’s wing with a hurled tanglefoot bag. The dragon could not remain aloft, and after he came crashing to the ground he was swiftly surrounded as he fought to withdraw into the great hall. The dragon would manage to unleash his lightning breath at several of the party, very nearly slaying Wilfrick, Haemir, and Throm, but it was the last, desperate effort of a drying dragon. Xaod of Furyondy cut Utreshimon’s throat in the end, but it could be argued easily that it was Candyce and her wand or perhaps Ruprect and his sword that did the great beast in, and the paladin merely took advantage of the dragon’s vulnerability as it arched it’s neck amidst it’s death throes.

In the wake of the battle, as they harvested trophies and potential spell components from Utreshimon’s corpse, several among the party noted that a number of healed claw marks scarred the scales of the dragon’s chest, neck, and underbelly. They appeared to be several months old. Newer scorch marks could be seen on its chest and on the left side of his face. Later, Spugnoir would confirm that he was responsible, having struck the dragon with a Scorching Ray before fleeing it’s ambush.


Ill Winds Over Verbobonc Haligaunt