A priest of the Earth Temple, this creature hailed from a race far more common to the Night Below than the surface world. It fell defending the Moathouse from the Band of the Silver Spear.


This enemy priest was a lizard-like humanoid creature, a little over five feet tall, clad in a rather ragged crimson cloak and ochre robes over armour of plate and mail. It had a long, slender tale, was bandy legged and spindly armed, and sported wickedly sharp claws, but it chose to fight instead with a morningstar. A long, curved knife was worn at it’s belt. A heavy iron holy symbol of an inverted pyramid attached to a chain with a second, inverted brown one was worn about the creature’s neck.

The brown triangle was well known to Oscar, who seems to reserve a special hatred for the symbol of Evil Elemental Earth.


Together with Geynor Ton, his fellow Priest of Elemental Evil, this troglodyte died vainly died in an attempt to defend the shaft leading down into an ancient shrine of the “Dark One” from the Band of the Silver Spear. Before his death he proved an able combatant, his scaly and armoured hide standing up to the best that Throm’s fury or Haemir’s well-placed arrows could offer, as well as shrugging off the effects of a quarrel dipped in Drow sleeping poison shot by Candyce.

Ysslansh and Geynor appeared to be the last line of defence keeping the interloping adventurers from reaching the excavation conducted by the priests of Elemental Evil, or the Cult of All-Consumption (as Geynor dubbed it in his journal). If not for the fact that the wizard Spugnoir Dispelled most of the troglodyte’s carefully prepared magical enhancements and an Obscuring Mist spell that hid him from most of the heroes, and then severely burned Ysslansh with a pair of Scorching Rays, he might well have bested Throm, who was fighting that day without the aid of his god Moradin.

In a display of uncommon grace, or perhaps luck, the wounded paladin Xaod leapt onto a platform near the troglodyte priest and smote him, drawing a vicious strike from Ysslansh in turn. Nearly slain for his foolhardy but undeniably impressive actions, Xaod’s wounding freed Throm to bury his axe into the head of the priest of Elemental Evil Earth. Ysslansh collapsed, and tumbled into the darkness of the excavation shaft into the vastness below. His remains were rediscovered when the party later descended onto the inverted obelisk.


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